Acqua Allegoria Mandarin Basil, infinite olfactory pleasures

Acqua Allegoria Mandarin Basil, infinite pleasures
Acqua Allegoria Mandarin Basil, infinite pleasures

The Guerlain brand is one of the oldest and most luxurious fashion houses. Founded in 1828, the boutique located rue de Rivoli welcomed its customers by personalizing their perfume according to their wishes. Declared “Official Supplier” to Princess Eugenie, the Guerlain brand has perfumed many crowned heads. Since 2008, the brand has entrusted the creation of its perfumes to the “nose” Thierry Wasser. In 2007, the house of Guerlain unveiled “Acqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic” , a fragrance that is part of the very famous Acqua Allegoria collection.

Acqua Allegoria, Guerlain’s homage to nature

In developing the “Acqua Allegoria” collection, Guerlain wanted to seek out flavors from all over the world. This is why this collection contains secrets, scents from America, Asia, India, Italy, Vénezvuela, or even scents from Reunion Island. “Acqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic” is no exception to the rule and even offers two scents from two different countries. Indeed, the mandarin comes to us from Italy while the basil comes to us from China. Both are found at the heart of a unique fragranceworn by a big fashion house. Here, Guerlain pays homage to the herbaceous, almost aniseed nature. “Acqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic” embodies the joy of living, it is defined as a fresh and ultra sparkling Eau de Toilette with infinite pleasures.

Acqua Allegoria, between aromatic and citrus notes

It is the perfumer Marie Salamagne, who developed this sparkling scent for the Guerlain house. “Acqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic” opens with very fresh citrus notes, that of orange and tangerine. These are overtaken by orange blossom, ivy flowers and peony. The basil offers here, in its heart, all its aromatic notes. It is joined by green tea while the base is sensual and soft thanks to the presence of amber, sandalwood and chamomile. Its bottle is common to all the bottles in the Acqua Allegoria collection. It lets in the light, by little touch, revealing its orange-colored nectar. The bottle is surmounted by a golden dome chiseled in a honeycomb. Pure and refined, the bottle is a tribute to the brand’s famous bee bottles.

Because the Acqua Allegoria collection celebrates nature, “Acqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic” reveals a beautiful facet of this nature. Mandarin and basil, which do not come from the same country, are found in a majestic and luxurious bottle to offer ever stronger pleasure.

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