A Drop D’Issey Issey Miyaké Eau de Parfum

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A Drop D’Issey Issey Miyaké Eau de Parfum is a 2021 Oriental Floral Perfume by Issey Miyake for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Ane Ayo . Top notes are Almond milk, Pink. Middle notes are Lilac, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Star anise. Base notes are Musk, Ambroxan, Vanilla, Cedar.

A Drop D’Issey Issey Miyaké Eau de Parfum
A Drop D’Issey Issey Miyaké Eau de Parfum


A Drop D’Issey, Issey Miyake’s 2021 novelty

Particularly famous in the world of perfumery, it offers us “moments suspended in time, at the meeting of emotion, harmony and the pleasure of the senses”. This is precisely what we find in his latest creation A Drop by Issey Miyake, released in 2021.

A Drop d’Issey d’Issey Miyake, an invitation to discover the beauty of the world

A Drop d’Issey by Issey Miyake is a perfume as minimalist as it is rigorously studied. Do not be fooled by the apparent sobriety of its bottle. In fact, it is precisely designed to reveal all the beauty in the world to you. Much more than a simple perfume for women, it is an invitation to dive into a new imagination and would almost become, as such, a dreamlike fragrance. With Issey Miyake’s A Drop, all the beauty of the world is revealed before our eyes. A true sensory escape, A Drop d’Issey offers us a more positive vision of the planet. It invites to see, imagine, feel and discover. Because nature conceals innumerable elements imperceptible to the naked eye, A Drop d’Issey by Issey Miyake reveals them to us. With him, everyday life becomes more poetic. This drop of

Issey Miyake chooses the sobriety of a magnifying glass as a bottle

In perfect harmony with this philosophy, Issey Miyake’s A Drop from Issey is contained in a glass case similar to a drop of water. With its bottle, no superfluous element has its place. Like a kind of round pebble, perfectly shaped, Issey Miyake’s A Drop shines with its perfection. Ideally designed to lay flat and to offer a perfect grip, this bottle is like a drop of water. What is more, it is also embellished with an innovative optical effect. You just have to look through it for the world to expand and warp. Thus, Issey Miyake’s A Drop of Issey is like a magnifying glass that invites you to see things differently.

A Drop from Issey d’Issey Miyake, a floral and solar fragrance, made in France

A Drop from Issey from Issey Miyake owes its existence to perfume Ane Ayo, who has only chosen here carefully selected ingredients that respect the planet. A Drop of Issey from Issey Miyake deploys a floral and solar signature. Lilac is its main ingredient, which gives it a very springtime poetry. To this is added first a smooth almond milk, associated with orange blossom and Damascus rose. This floral surge is quickly joined by opulent jasmine and star anise. Gradually, Issey Miyake’s A Drop persistence and charisma increase. This fragrance ends with a blend of musk, vanillin and Atlas cedarwood.

After having talked about his timeless Eau d’Issey for a long time, Issey Miyake decided to open up a whole new olfactory register and take us with him to an unprecedented discovery of nature. Its A Drop d’Issey fragrance is a concentrate of pure emotions, mixing poetry, refinement and emotion. Presented in a magnifying glass bottle, Issey Miyake’s A Drop is an invitation to see the world differently. It would almost be enough to look through your bottle to see details still unknown, revealing all the beauty of the Earth. So what does this lush nature really smell like? Decryption of its composition.

A Drop from Issey by Issey Miyake, a responsible fragrance

First of all, note that the fragrance A Issey Miyake’s Drop d’Issey is very respectful of nature and the environment. Not all of its raw materials were chosen at random. These are part of an eco-responsible approach and its entire recipe has been designed in France. A Drop of Issey by Issey Miyake is therefore fully in line with the new expectations of current consumers. Since he is an invitation to see the world differently, he tries above all to respect the nature that surrounds us.

The floral and milky top notes of A Drop d’Issey by Issey Miyake < / h2>

Issey Miyake’s A Drop from Issey doesn’t have a classic scent. Indeed, while most fragrances contain citrus and zesty top notes, Issey’s A Drop abandons citrus in favor of flowers. Infinitely solar, this fragrance sets off on a luminous breath of orange blossom. Emblematic of the Mediterranean basin, it is associated with one of the most fetish raw materials of perfumers: the Damask rose. Widely used in essences for women, this one is softened with almond milk, for a smoother start, as tender as a caress.

A sunny and enveloping heart

It is in the heart of the perfume for women A Drop d’Issey that appears the central ingredient of this essence: lilac. Particularly floral, it reveals all the spring beauty of this juice. Sunny at will, it plunges us into a concentrate of nature and femininity, while pairing with a more opulent jasmine. By mixing jasmine and rose, A Drop’s Issey reappropriates the great classics of women’s perfumery. Added to this is a touch of star anise, coming to tickle the whole and spice up this fragrance.

A Drop d’Issey d’Issey Miyake ends with a musky and woody base

Finally, Issey Miyake’s A Drop from Issey ends with a final, more musky and persistent touch. At its core, its softness is more intimate and charismatic. A Drop d’Issey by Issey Miyake combines animal musk with vanillin and ambroxan. In turn, the Atlas cedar gives it a more woody touch and better tenacity.
With its many reliefs and complexity, Issey Miyake’s A Drop perfume for women seems to explore all the elements of nature in turn. The result is a fascinating essence, hiding many surprises in each of its breaths.

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