Chergui Serge Lutens Perfume

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Chergui Serge Lutens Perfume is a 2005 Oriental Woody Spicy Perfume by Serge Lutens for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake . Top notes are Mint. Middle notes are Pink. Base notes are Sandalwood, Iris, Amber, Incense, Tobacco, Honey, Tonkin musk, Hay.

Chergui Serge Lutens Perfume
Chergui Serge Lutens Perfume


Chergui: A breeze of scents between sweet heat and dry cold

Chergui, the beautiful aromatic oriental released in 2005 by Lutens, is therefore going to blow hot and cold on our noses curious about this beautiful breath with many faces.

When the east wind blows its contrary winds on Chergui

“The greatest perfumer are the rivers, the winds. There’s no other. He is the perfumer. Pollens, bees, insects, it is He who disseminated everything, created a kind of absolutely royal repertoire, not to mention the literary repertoire that follows. »Serge Lutens.

So the oriental wind, the chergui, becomes the new hero of the multifaceted fragrance signed by the emblematic duo Lutens-Sheldrake called, simply, Chergui. Indeed, we have become accustomed to the names of more complex, more enigmatic perfumes, such as Vitriol d’œillet or Clair de musk, but there is no need to play on words because what Lutens offers us with this Chergui is a mystery perfume, an olfactory picture. to discover. The anagram to be solved is no longer in the words but in the perfume!

Chergui offers the vision of a desert that colors and changes with the winds that blow. Sometimes icy, sometimes burning, Chergui makes all the plants that undergo him suffer and sweat with deep scents. Chergui is for Lutens “an alchemist” whose “persistent gusts crystallize shrubs, bushes, berries which thus sizzle, shrink and return their ultimate ransom, sap, resins, juices.”.

Chergui or the contrasting Moroccan landscape of woods and flowers

How to symbolize a painting in the form of a fragrance? The brown color of the Chergui bottle reminds us much more of the woods that quiver and bend in the wind than the sweet candied, sweet and amber flavors that it results. The surprise will only be greater!

First of all, Chergui opens with notes of mint and aromatic and icy pink berries like the polar breeze that hits the oriental plants. However the resin and the sap begin to exhale among these cold scents giving these top notes a honeyed flavor.

At the heart, the honey will be coated with spices and aromatics to exhale the hot juices of the plants affected by the chergui. Armfuls of orange blossoms, iris, lavender and rose will dare to venture into this warming wind to release their divine scents. The hot-cold effect plays with floral and spicy notes. Finally the dry woods bring their dense and blond smoke to marry perfectly with a still smoking tobacco without forgetting, so dear to the Lutens spirit, a few notes of incense and sandalwood.

Chergui is a complex and intense fragrance that paints the picture of an oriental nature in turmoil. A turmoil that makes the coldness of the north wind collide with the heat of plants and flowers in the midst of an active struggle. This “crystallization of the flora” gives birth to a fragrance with multiple faces that will reveal themselves to our skin if we are willing to let them show themselves.

“Chergui” was born in 2005 and symbolizes the beauty of the Moroccan winds. Indeed, in Morocco, the chergui is a hot wind coming from the Sahara. The Chergui wind thus comes from the East or the South-East. Like many perfumes by Serge Lutens, “Chergui” is therefore a reference to the Orient. “Chergui” is undoubtedly an unusual fragrance. Serge Lutens even compares his fragrance to “a fire in the wind, a desert in flames”. “Chergui” is therefore one of the most powerful essence, both warm and sensual. Mystical and elegant, the composition is signed Christopher Sheldrake.

Lutens Chergui, a hot wind by Christopher Sheldrake

For once, Serge Lutens called on the very talented perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. Born in India in 1955, Christopher Sheldrake arrived in England at the age of 7. After starting his career at the heart of the Charabot company, Christopher Sheldrake joined the Robertet company in Great Britain. From 1979 to 1982, Christopher Sheldrake worked with Chanel before spending 23 years with the Quest company. In 2005, he returned to Chanel as, as it is claimed, “2nd man”. He will then work closely with Jacques Polge. Besides that, he displays a special bond with Serge Lutens whom he met in 1987, and he will produce the majority of his fragrances, where he says he likes working with natural materials. We owe to Christopher Sheldrake magnificent successes such as “Her Majesty the Rose,

Chergui, the warm notes of the east wind by Serge Lutens

“Chergui” is considered a mixed spicy oriental scent. Christopher Sheldrake’s composition begins with notes of mint, which will be warmed by coumarin, both honeyed and spicy. Native to Asia, mint is the most widely used aromatic plant in the world. Mint gives off a strong, powerful, yet very pleasant scent. The Greeks used it to embalm mummies while the Hebrews used it to protect their homes. Moroccan mint green tea is part of Moroccan traditions and rites. In Morocco, mint green tea is offered as a form of hospitality. An Arabic proverb states “The first glass is bitter like life, the second is as sweet as love, the third is as soothing as death”. We then understand why Serge Lutens chose mint within “Chergui”. Then, the heart of the composition is both aromatic and floral, because it combines lavender, rose, iris and orange blossom. Finally, the base of “Chergui” denotes all the power and complexity of Moroccan winds by associating honey, hay, tobacco, incense, sandalwood and amber, leaving behind a most oriental wind. . The sober and refined bottle is that of the house Serge Lutens. The black label gives the whole a final touch of elegance. incense, sandalwood and amber, leaving behind a most oriental wind. The sober and refined bottle is that of the house Serge Lutens. The black label gives the whole a final touch of elegance. incense, sandalwood and amber, leaving behind a most oriental wind. The sober and refined bottle is that of the house Serge Lutens. The black label gives the whole a final touch of elegance.

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