Eau de Parfum Bois d’Argent Christian Dior

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Eau de Parfum Bois d’Argent Christian Dior is a 2004 Woody Chypre Perfume by Christian Dior for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo . Top notes are Frankincense, Iris. Middle notes are Patchouli. Base notes are Honey, Leather.

Eau de Parfum Bois d’Argent Christian Dior
Eau de Parfum Bois d’Argent Christian Dior


Bois d’Argent by Dior, when the iris becomes king… or queen!

If Cologne Blanche was rather classic, Eau Noire like Bois d’Argent presented themselves as original juices far from the Colognes for traditional men. You just have to dive into the heart of Bois d’Argent to discover its wonders!

Bois d’Argent, an exceptional fragrance with androgynous beauty signed Annick Ménardo and Heidi Slimane

While Dior Addict composed under the air Galliano had offered us all the fragrant opulence of a femme fatale, the collection of Colognes de Dior, composed under the aegis of Heidi Slimane, would offer us almost the opposite in a bath. of the most subtle clear and dark purities. Cologne Blanche, Eau Noire or Bois d’Argent, the beauty and finesse of the Cologne offered by the house of Dior is absolute and makes the hearts of lovers of the great Dior perfumes beat faster.

As far as Bois d’Argent is concerned, it would hardly be completely foolish to think that it has a strong family link with the beautiful Dior Homme released in 2005, that is to say a year later. Although the perfumers at the head of their composition are different, Olivier Polge for Dior Homme and Annick Ménardo for Bois d’Argent, it is obvious that the influence of designer Heidi Slimane had been a source of inspiration for these beautiful and elegant flowers. male.

Anyway Bois d’Argent does not hesitate to offer itself as a masculine perfume of refined elegance both for its luxurious and powdery iris absolute and for its mysterious and delicately smoky essences taking us on a walk in a oriental and enveloping wood. Bois d’Argent can also, by its extreme refinement, appear as a pretty feminine perfume where the flower meets the shadow to better give birth to the sensuality of oriental notes.

A fresh silver thread for a burning iris , Bois d’Argent and its wonderful discoveries

Bois d’Argent was first born in the Colognes de Dior then was admitted into the in-laws of the Private Collection for its rare accords and its elegant and original praise to the perfumer’s favorite raw material: iris absolute. . Silverwood therefore highlights a fresh and aromatic thread, a luminous thread of silver, which will come to powder to better merge with a “wood” smoky with delicately oriental scrolls.

Bois d’Argent opens with very fresh top notes of pink berries and juniper punctuated by the essence of Yemen incense which brings its vegetal warmth to its pretty aromatic notes. Then in the heart, we discover the guest of mark of this fragrance: the absolute of iris of Tuscany of course! Magnified by the greedy and amber sweetness of honey, the iris note becomes delicate and silky velvet. Finally myrrh, benzoin, patchouli and vanilla offer Bois d’Argent the burning sensuality of powerful woody depths. A power slightly muted by cottony and enveloping white musks.

“Bois D’argent blows an intimate and intimate wind. A fragrance that leaves enveloping and singular notes floating in its path. »Icon Icon for Bois d’Argent by Dior.

The Private Christian Dior Collection has made it possible to showcase bottles with rare essences composed by master perfumer François Demachy. This collection has also made it possible to rediscover forgotten perfumes such as the series of three colognes composed under the direction of legendary stylist Heidi Slimane: Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois D’Argent. The magnificent Bois D’Argent is once again offered to our nostrils in 2015 to bewitch us better with its paradisiacal olfactory promises …

Bois d’Argent or Annick Menardo’s ode to iris for Dior perfumes

With the Private Collection François Demachy, appointed perfumer of the Dior house since 2006, has offered himself a “recreation” as a perfumer. Indeed, the commercial criteria of new fragrances for a house as important as the house of Dior are of capital importance in the creation of a new fragrance. For this Private Collection, Dior gave free rein to the imagination and talents of François Demachy, it will result in the best.

At the time of Heidi Slimane’s artistic direction, between 2000 and 2005 , the creative choices of perfumes were the same as for this Private Collection. The result will be three magnificent colognes that will be remembered forever, including the sublime and brilliant Bois D’Argent, born in 2005.

Bois D’Argent is the work of the talented Annick Menardo. Although very inspired by the sober sophistication of the artistic director of Dior at the time, the perfumer wanted to work on her favorite ingredient, the iris pallida with fanciful and daring features. So the iris is no longer the retro flower that sprinkles the scents of yesteryear but a resolutely modern note that is sometimes tinged with light and sometimes with darkness to lead us into a Silverwood of a thousand wonders … < / p>

“Bois d’Argent is not an easy fragrance to adopt on the first try, even if it fascinates from the first moments, it asks to be tamed, tamed, but once you have it. has in the skin, one has the impression to have always known him. »Au Parfum about Bois D’Argent by Dior.

When the most expensive flower in perfumery is amber, then Bois D’Argent is born

Let’s be clear, of everything time, iris pallida is a perfumer’s fantasy because it is so rare, expensive and precious. However, it has often been worked on for its powdery facets in order to bring a delicate tenderness to floral notes, often at the heart of the fragrance. For this Bois D’Argent Annick Menardo gave us an absolutely new iris which finally dares to face the night of warm and oriental notes.

Thus Bois d’Argent opens up notes of Yemen incense married to our famous note of iris pallida absolute, which gives this opening an intense powdery floral warmth. At the heart, Somali myrrh and Indonesian patchouli bring us to the heart of a warm, sweet and sensual wood. Finally, the leather note married to a pretty melting honey takes us to intense depths where the flower considered as retro becomes terribly modern but also sensual …

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