Eau de toilette Infusion of Mimosa Prada

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Eau de toilette Infusion of Mimosa Prada is a 2016 Floral Powdery Cologne by Prada for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier . Top notes are Anise. Middle notes are Mimosa. Base notes are Musk, Heliotrope.

Eau de toilette Infusion of Mimosa Prada
Eau de toilette Infusion of Mimosa Prada


Mimosa infusion: Prada celebrates spring

Between memories of scents too quickly forgotten and luminous reinterpretations, the Infusions now offer sublime olfactory journeys every year. Infusion de Mimosa is precisely what Daniela Andrier and Miuccia Prada would call a perfume of the past, present and future where the memory of spring mimosa will meet brilliant flower-woody modernities of such a near future …

Remember pretty things and perfume yourself with Infusion de Mimosa de Prada

Since the creation of Infusion d’Iris in 2007 < / a> until the creation of a real collection in 2015 Les Infusions Ephémères, the designers Muccia Prada and Daniela Andrier have never ceased to sublimate the raw materials that we believed a little too forgotten.

The Infusions are precisely the opposite or the exact opposite of everything one would expect from a fashion house perfume today, well almost… Limited editions until 2015, a collection that cannot be adorned with that beautiful visuals and marketing based almost entirely on word of mouth. Bold, that’s for sure, but let’s not forget that we are talking about the sublime Prada house!

The beauty of the perfumed works of Daniela Andrier for Prada hardly needs to be chanted as it is recognized. Could it be for this reason that the talented Prada nose emerges from all the marketing shackles of perfume and fashion? What does it matter! Infusion de Mimosa, just like its predecessors, sings the praises of flavors and scents of the past to better register their beauty in the present.

“I am obsessed, in my work, by the idea of reviving the past: it dwells in us, even though it is over. It is a question of translating it without pain or nostalgia, in a joyful way. »Daniela Andrier for Le Figaro Madame.

Thus Infusion de Mimosa makes us“ happily ”travel through precious memories of flowering springs when mimosas covered the gardens with their little balls yellow like suns. As the result of a “tension between familiar memory and unprecedented reinterpretation” …

Mimosa infusion: a floral woody fragrance that smells of spring

The magnificent Infusion de Mimosa keeps the square glass bottle of the other perfumes of the Les Infusions Ephémères collection. Always dressed in embossed paper, it is tinted with a mimosa yellow to highlight the sun color of its juice seen in transparency from the beautiful apothecary bottle.

Infusion de Mimosa opens with a citrus cocktail of mandarin, a true signature of Daniela Andrier for Infusions. However, the citrus fruits will be tinged with the exotic freshness and delicately spiced with a note of star anise. At the heart, we will find the floral and intense notes of mimosa accompanied by the opulence of rose absolute, affirming a soft and springtime femininity. These beautiful flights will arise in a wake of woody notes that will add a touch of mystery to this decidedly very sunny fragrance.

“An apparition in yellow velvet. A multisensory experience. »Infusion of Mimosa by Prada.

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