Fuel for Life Spirit Diesel Eau de Toilette

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Fuel for Life Spirit Diesel Eau de Toilette is a 2013 Oriental Woody Fougere Cologne by Diesel for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin . Top notes are Grapefruit. Middle notes are Apple, Orange Blossom. Base notes are Amber woods, Coumarin, Myrrh, Cashmeran.

Fuel for Life Spirit Diesel Eau de Toilette
Fuel for Life Spirit Diesel Eau de Toilette


Fuel for life Spirit: Like an ultra virile fragrance of absolute freedom …

A fragrant happiness that is transmitted by a joyfully sexy retro communication but also by a resolutely ultra masculine and ultra sensual packaging. Fabrice Pellegrin has concocted for this free man from Fuel for Life Spirit a scent that is at once racy, elegant and dynamic.

Three men, the fury for life and a woman for Fuel for Life Spirit

Let’s be clear, the Fuel for Life Spirit man is not there to be bored, he wants to live his life as he sees fit, with dynamism, humor and love.

And the aesthetic advertising in black and white launched us its images of three “James Dean” as joyful as they leap up arriving in the life of a sad young woman to know if finally, she feels “Still alive”… They take her on board. then in a crazy party where the sad waitress finds her joie de vivre and abandons her boredom to go on an adventure … Who has never dreamed of leaving his job like that? Fuel for Life Spirit is the scent of these men who can change their life but also that of the women who follow them.

Fuel for Life Spirit loses some of its provocative charm to offer a true philosophy of life to a monotonous and sad society, values ​​very close to those of Diesel jeans. Can a perfume change everything? Maybe with Fuel for Life Spirit!

Fuel for Life Spirit or the essence of the freedom to be …

Of course, the now legendary flask bottle of Fuel for Life, is dressed for this ultra virile Fuel for Life Spirit version of golden letters and a deep and delicate amber color reminiscent of course of the bottle of a precious whiskey.

Fuel for Life Spirit opens with dazzling and tangy notes of grapefruit and bergamot to punctuate this beautiful oriental with modern dynamism. Cinnamon adds its spicy sweetness to these citrus fruits, adding a touch of character to this lively spirit.

The elegance of this spicy man from Fuel for Life Spirit will be underlined by the floral heart of the fragrance. Orange blossom illuminates the heart while geranium Corsican it with its spicy scent. A few apple notes slip into this floral mix to add a touch of indulgence to the bouquet which will be punctuated by magnificent powdery scents of iris.

The tones of amber and cashmeran wood are the velvet of the base notes of this beautiful oriental. Myrrh propels its balsamic and smoky scents where coumarin dares some notes of amber animalities.

The man of Fuel for Life Spirit is a joyful and lively man, a James Dean in the fury of life who clashes and changes everything in his path. The wind of madness that he carries within him forces him to push back the limits of everyday life and dare to change the rules. However, this Fuel for Life Spirit man is absolutely not superficial and likes to diffuse his elegance and charm as much as his liveliness.

Released in 2013, “ Fuel for Life Spirit ”follows the immense success of“ Fuel for Life ”. Masculine and sexy, “Fuel for Life Spirit” is a dynamic, elegant and racy fragrance. Like all Diesel fragrances, “Fuel for Life Spirit” is the symbol of a spirit of freedom and joie de vivre. The Diesel man is self-confident and likes to assert his character. In search of new sensations, the Diesel man shows his confidence once again.

Fuel for Life Spirit, a virility carried out through the nose Fabrice Pellegrin

< p> In order to create its new fragrance, the Diesel brand has chosen the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. Son of a French perfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin grew up surrounded by smells. In 1999, he began his career with the Mane company before joining the famous Firmenich company. More than anything, Fabrice Pellegrin loves working with natural materials and avoids using synthetic molecules as much as possible. He also likes to compose short and structured formulas. When we ask Fabrice Pellegrin what his favorite material is, he says “Jasmine from Grasse in August”… We owe Fabrice Pellegrin beautiful fragrances such as “Valentina Pink” by Valentino, “Wanted” by Azzaro or again “La Fille de l’Air” by Courrèges.

Fuel for Life Spirit, olfactory notes of Diesel freedom

From the start, “Fuel for Life Spirit” shows its character and its dynamism thanks to the presence of grapefruit enhanced by cinnamon. The term cinnamon comes from the Latin “canna” which means “reed”. Originally from China, cinnamon has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. Initially, cinnamon was reserved for rich people. It was from the Renaissance that cinnamon became more popular and used in cooking. In perfumery, we use the fragments of bark that are distilled with water vapor. Cinnamon releases tones that are spicy, sweet, peppery and vanilla at the same time. Then, the heart is floral and combines iris with orange blossom. Along with oud, iris is the most expensive material in perfumery. The first traces of irises can be found along the Mediterranean, around 3000 BC. In Greek mythology, the iris is the messenger of the Gods and is illustrated with the help of a rainbow, echoing its wonderful colors. In perfumery, it is the rhizomes of the iris that are used. The process is long and very delicate, which explains its high price. In perfumery, iris gives off powdery, floral, woody and green tones. Finally, the base of “Fuel for Life Spirit” is sensual and virile and combines amber woods, caschmeran and incense. As for the bottle, it takes the flask shape of its elders. It always oscillates between a retro and contemporary aspect and the transparency of its glass suggests the bright orange color of the precious nectar.

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