HM Eau de Parfum for Men Hanae Mori

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HM Eau de Parfum for Men Hanae Mori is a 1997 Oriental Woody Perfume by Hanae Mori for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Lavender, Mint, Lemon. Middle notes are Jasmine, Green note, Cassis. Base notes are Iris, Cedar.

HM Eau de Parfum for Men Hanae Mori
HM Eau de Parfum for Men Hanae Mori


HM, a masculine fragrance of rare beauty

In 1977, Hanae Mori was the first Asian to be admitted as a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne. Its style harmoniously blends east and west. Its first fragrance “Butterfly” is an emblematic fragrance of the brand. “HM” released in 1997, is a fresh and intense fragrance.

The poetic universe of Hanae Mori

With each of her perfumes, Hanae Mori takes us into a poetic and bucolic world . With her first fragrance “Hanae Mori Butterfly”, it is everyone from nature and the forest that she evokes, with the butterfly, now famous, who rocked her childhood. The latter brought him lightness and guided him in creativity. “HM” is a real olfactory discovery, which also evokes poetry. “HM” reveals a beautiful sunny morning in the countryside. The changing nature is omnipresent in this first masculine scent. It is a perfect blend of singular, refined and magnetic essences. Resolutely modern, the contrasting notes of “HM” come from rare and refined ingredients. “HM” is intended for men in search of value and exclusivity.

The unique and refined notes of HM

Faithful to her avant-garde aspirations, Hanae Mori wished to create a perfect harmony between elegance and sobriety while respecting the Japanese tradition. “HM” begins with the fresh and nevertheless ultra sparkling notes of lemon. These are quickly joined by lavender and mint which offers an additional touch of freshness. The heart is beautifully floral with the presence of iris, jasmine, lily of the valley and Bulgarian rose, flowers that are rarely used in men’s perfumery. The background of “HM” is elegant and charismatic. It is composed of sandalwood, vanilla, oakmoss, amber and tonka bean… A base which envelops the whole in a soft sensuality. As for the bottle, it is sober, refined and authentic. Elegance is very present here, just like the composition. The stopper is inspired by the Tsuka, which is the end of the handle of the samurai sword. Above, “HM” is engraved, in the pure tradition of “Kamon” (Japanese coat of arms).

For her first male fragrance, Hanae Mori, plays the card of elegance and sobriety. Rare, refined ingredients that take us to a very fresh universe. “HM” is intended for men in search of values ​​and beauty. The bottle is sought after and the symbolism is strong. An unusual fragrance.

Hanae Mori began her haute -couture adventure in her first workshop in Tokyo in the 1950s. Quickly noticed for its elegant and poetic style, the Japanese label quickly arrived in Europe never to leave it again. In 1995 the stylist will offer her very first Butterfly fragrance and he will already include Hanae Mori as a major perfume house. In 1997, her very first perfume for men, HM pour Homme Eau de Parfum, will continue to exude the inimitable imprint of the stylist.

HM pour Homme or the poetic scents of a modern man signed Hanae Mori

The style of Hanae Mori’s haute-couture collections is remarkable both for its poetic beauty and for its elegance mixed between Asian and European fabrics. Quite naturally, the incomparable signature of Hanae Mori in the fashion world was reproduced in perfumery upon the release of Butterfly, the stylist’s first fragrance, in 1995.

Butterfly marks with its intense gourmet trail composed by Bernard Ellena , the beginning of Hanaé Mori’s adventures in perfumery. It also marks a fairly natural desire for the stylist not to want to be part of the major sales and marketing trends in perfumery. Thus the second Hanaé Mori bottle, HM pour Homme, will only be offered in insider perfumeries, a so-called niche perfumery.

Which will not prevent the beautiful and elegant HM pour Homme perfume from making a place for itself among its favorite bottles, on the contrary! HM pour Homme does not seek to be noticed, it stands out for itself as its aromatic, floral and fruity scents stand out with sophistication from other more commercial bottles.

“Hanae Mori perfumes invite you to enter the classic and elegant universe of their masculine fragrances. The poetry of Madame Mori’s childhood memories ingeniously blended with the Art of Perfumery will seduce you and make you travel… ”Hanaé Mori about HM pour Hommes and HIM.

A citrus jasmine for a beautiful and powerful male perfume Hanae Mori named HM pour Homme

If we knew the creator of Butterfly, Bernard Ellena well, both for his compositions for the general public such as Legend pour Femme by Montblanc and for his famous name in the industry (he is the younger brother of Jean-Claude Ellena), this is not the case for the eminent creator of HM pour Homme. Indeed we know some secrets of the creation of the fragrance but we do not know the author of this precious and so original male perfume.

HM pour Homme opens with notes of lemon, lavender and frizzy mint that offer a powerful and virile aromatic opening. Then in the heart, HM pour Homme has a nice surprise in store for us by offering us a bouquet of masculine flowers of Bulgarian roses, jasmine powdered with a few precious irises. A heart so flowery and above all so rare in a perfume for men. Nevertheless these pretty flowers will quickly come to tint the sensual and greedy depths of tonka bean, green moss, sandalwood and vanilla combining with delight the supreme sophistication of flowers with an extreme masculinity.

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