Isfarkand Elixir Parfum

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Isfarkand Elixir Parfum is a fragrance by Ormonde Jayne. The notes of this fragrance are Lime, mandarin, bergamot, iso-e super, cedar, vetiver, moss

Isfarkand Elixir Parfum
Isfarkand Elixir Parfum


Isfarkand has always had a unique alchemy to its formula- on paper, it’s a simple combination of citrus, cedar, and vetiver, and yet there’s an abiding magic to how it wears on skin- clean, bright, modern, and transparent, each note blends into those surrounding it to create an enveloping, energizing, modern, and yet supremely easy going potion- a true “aura” of stylish and casual panache perfect for almost any situation. Isfarkand Elixir knows not to mess too much with a good thing, but the added Parfum strength gives us a chance to eat our cake and still have it too- while the citrus top still sparkles brightly, a more concentrated cedar note now hums with soft yet potent energy- a rebalance that adds significant longevity and a new layer of complexity in the base. All of style that made you fall in love with Isfarkand the first time, and now even more substance to match. What We Think Still very much the fresh, woodsy, modern Isfarkand we love, with much improved longevity and stronger cedar.

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Specification: Isfarkand Elixir Parfum


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