Le Cri de la Lumière Eau de Parfum Empire Perfume

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Le Cri de la Lumière Eau de Parfum Empire Perfume is a 2017 Oriental Floral Perfume by Empire perfume for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Marc-antoine Corticchiato . Top notes are Ambrette, Musk. Middle notes are Water of life, Iris, Pink. Base notes are Woody Notes.

Le Cri de la Lumière Eau de Parfum Empire Perfume
Le Cri de la Lumière Eau de Parfum Empire Perfume


The new Parfum d’Empire fragrance: Le Cri

To set no limit to his overflowing imagination, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato decided to found his own brand of perfumes in 2002. Parfum d’Empire is a brand intended for initiated consumers of fragrances. The Empire Perfume juices display a unique style that is almost full of dreamlike and spirituality. Moreover, this is precisely what it is about in the essence of Le Cri de la Lumière.

Parfum d’Empire, a very spiritual fragrance brand

Parfum d’Empire is a perfume house synonymous with conquest. Parfum d’Empire is all at the same time: the “amorous conquest, the spiritual conquest, the conquest of oneself”… Here, however, this exploration leads us more towards the spiritual and sacred meaning of perfume. Through Le Cri de la Lumière, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato seems to want to reconnect with the sacred meaning of perfumery. Indeed, at the beginning, the perfume was mainly used as offerings to get closer to the gods. Its name comes from the Latin “per fumum” which means “by the smoke”. Parfum d’Empire stains through its compositions to deliver to us all the power of the noblest raw materials pushed to their paroxysm. It is also for s’ granting total freedom that Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has chosen to found his own brand to work in total autonomy. Here, he chose to give thanks to a universal symbol of life and hope: light. The Cry of Light is an essence with universal reach. It is described by the sign as a “luminous halo and an exhilarating rise towards the break of day”.

The floral and airy scent of the Cri de la Lumière perfume

If Le Cri de la Lumière is a very luminous and sunny fragrance, it is nonetheless opulent. Its composition revolves around three main ingredients. The first of these is ambrette. It is a small bean-shaped seed grown from Indian hibiscus flowers. Its smell is appreciated for its multitude of facets. Indeed, the ambrette is at the same time musky, floral, animal and powdery. It then immediately imposes all the richness of the Cry of Light. Then, refinement takes over and this perfume is enriched with one of the noblest ingredients from the perfumer’s entire palette: iris. This raw material exclusively reserved for fine perfumery releases a powdery breath here. Finally, all the femininity and romanticism of Le Cri de la Lumière take over.

The creatively boundless fragrance composer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato decided to create his own perfume house in 2003, Parfum d’Empire. From then on, he would never cease to offer magnificent creations of overflowing originality and exceptional quality. In 2017, Parfum d’Empire is offering us Le Cri de la Lumière to always dazzle us with a thousand lights. < / p>

Le Cri de la Lumière or the “luxury in light” perfume signed Parfum d’Empire

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato is a perfumer who likes to play with natural raw materials to create the best. Far from commercial criteria, he develops perfumed formulas based solely on natural resources, for example he waited a number of years to offer (and afford) Corsica Furiosa, for lack of being able to use the mastic tree.

< p> Parfum d’Empire therefore offers perfumes with exceptional raw materials and meticulous work based on frank and powerful positions, far from the very commercial perfumes of the moment. Le Cri de la Lumière, the latest from Parfum d’Empire, will be no exception to the rule, using ambroxan seed in one of its rarest facets exploited.

The Cry of Light is above all a call for rebirth. The renaissance of luxury in its own sense, its sense of light, but also the rebirth of notes of rose and iris which are often used in the same way by all the great perfumers.

Let’s be clear, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato refuses to compose the same perfumes as everyone else. With Le Cri de la Lumière he once again proves, if need be, his attachment to the originality of his compositions and their passionate and extreme nature.

“That’s what’s complicated, I’m always in excess. But that’s what’s interesting too: if it’s to make a cutesy, trendy, transparent or gourmet perfume… I mean, 1450 perfumes came out last year, there is enough cutesy and commercial. in the lot! “& Nbsp; declared Marc-Antoine Corticchiato in 2014.

A vegetal chypre signed Parfum d´Empire: Le Cri de la Lumière

Should we be wondering about this fabulous name? In fact, from an olfactory point of view, it seems that the answer is obvious, it is the ambroxan seed screaming at our nostrils! Usually ambroxan is used in base notes for its animal power. With Le Cri de la Lumière, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato renews the genre by exploiting the vegetal and green facets of the powerful seed.

In addition to the pretty ambroxan seed, star of the fragrance, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has dared to use notes of Turkish damascena roses and iris, associating them in an unprecedented way with the vegetal power of ambroxan. The beautiful flowery essences thus play the notes of velvet on an animal note which becomes luminous. As a result, Le Cri de la Lumière offers completely new, but above all very enlightened, chypre scents.

“The crystalline limpidity of ambrette, vegetal musk with facets of brandy, radiates an iris with variegated gleams. of rose. Shadow cast by these radiant notes, a subtly woody base caresses the skin. “Empire perfume for Le Cri de la Lumière.
Luxury enlightened.

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