Legend Night Montblanc Eau de Parfum

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Legend Night Montblanc Eau de Parfum is a 2017 Woody Aromatic Perfume by Montblanc for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Pescheux Antoine Maisondieu . Top notes are Bergamot, Clary sage, Mint, Cardamom. Middle notes are Cedar, Lavender, Violet, Apple, Resin. Base notes are Vetiver, Vanilla, Wood, Patchouli, Musk.

Legend Night Montblanc Eau de Parfum
Legend Night Montblanc Eau de Parfum


When the heat takes hold of the Montblanc bottle

Much more than a simple writing instrument, it has become a legend. As if to pay homage to the latter, Montblanc therefore designed, in 2011, a perfume bringing together all the aesthetic codes of its iconic pen. This one is called Legend and is intended to be the fragrance of a man who is at once virile, elegant and determined . Following on from this essence, Montblanc has decided to develop a more seductive version called Legend Night.

When the heat takes hold of the Montblanc bottle

First of all, let’s start by observing the visual of this new perfume. Indeed, it is in perfect agreement with the fragrance it contains. Legend Night is delivered to us in a bottle with the same shape as its predecessor. It is a sort of resolutely masculine flask, endowed with timeless curves but with a robustness instantly giving off a feeling of virility. On the other hand, the color code of this new perfume has been metamorphosed. In the past, it was presented to us in an opaque black glass topped with a silver hoop. Everything undoubtedly recalled the Montblanc house pen. Now, Legend Night begins with a warm and copper color at its base before evolving to an opaque black top. Everything gives off a feeling of comfort, of masculinity and sensuality. However, it is precisely this feeling that emanates from the recipe for this new perfume.

The very nuanced fragrance of Legend Night

To make Legend Night, Montblanc has chosen to call on a duo of perfumers composed of Olivier Pescheux and Antoine Maisondieu. In reality, this choice is not really a surprise if we consider that Olivier Pescheux is already the nose which is at the origin of the very first Legend. Both have chosen to portray the image of an assumed but very nuanced masculinity to us. Legend Night is a fragrance intended for a confident, seductive and comforting man. Quick-witted, Legend Night lets all the ardor of the Montblanc man shine through from the start of his wake. This fragrance begins with aromatic notes of scarlet sage associated with the freshness of peppermint, cardamom and bergamot. The dynamism of this perfume is absolutely intense but is quickly relayed by a warmer and more elegant heart. Legend Night is a juice made of many nuances which then lets float a scent of lavender associated with cedarwood and violet. Its carnal aspect, for its part, only appears at the level of its base. This shines through in a trio of patchouli, musk and vanilla.

The Montblanc house takes great pleasure in offering perfumes that shape both men’s features and their magnificent pens. With Legend composed by Olivier Pescheux in 2011, the house offered these gentlemen a sophisticated and chic fragrance while highlighting the beautiful complexity of their different facets of personality. The year 2017 offered us a new version of this great vintage of perfumery under the mysterious and so tempting name of Legend Night.

When Olivier Pescheux and Antoine Maisondieu perfumes unite their talents for Legend Night de Montblanc

When Olivier Pescheux composed Legend, he intended it especially for fans of the famous Meisterstück, the flagship and precious pen of the Montblanc range. The men who love the Meisterstück are men who write their life with elegance and distinction but without pomp and above all without any luxury other than that of quality and craftsmanship. Legend was therefore written in contrasting facets between intense heat and freshness which totally corresponded to the personality of these gentlemen with such distinguished writing.

Other beautiful versions of Legend followed over the years, always signed by the talents of Olivier Pescheux. This time, however, for the creation of Legend Night, the one who “composes a perfume like one writes a score” met the one who describes himself as “A fresco from Pompeii”, Antoine Maisondieu!

The talents of both men will be born the beautiful score of Legend Night which will have fun sometimes playing beautiful fresh sonatas, sometimes lulling us beautiful warm and colorful symphonies. The meeting between these two perfume artists could only be explosive and truly creative, both Olivier Pescheux and Antoine Maisondieu like to create emotional fragrances that are both innovative and with a strong personality.

Legend Night or the subtlety of the fragrant marriage between burning woody accords and floral and aromatic freshness

Between Legend born in 2011 and Legend Night born in 2017, the difference remains mainly in the raw materials used in the heart and in the depths.
Indeed Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux have chosen to keep for Legend Night the fresh and very tangy accords of the original juice which likes to send us a dazzling start of lavender and bergamot. However, they added to this Legend Night a note of clary sage and mint which replace the new freshness note of Legend.

At the heart, Legend Night surprises us by daring to play the delicate accord of violet-apple to better take us into a hot and nervous bath of cedar, resin and Fir Balsam. The soft warmth that invades us from this contrasting heart will hardly be stopped by the suave and sensual depths. Black vanilla, another new addition to this Legend Night, associated with tonka bean surprise us with their dark delicacies. But the night ends up enveloping us in its mysteries with totally addictive patchoulis, musks and cashmeran …

“A new magnetic and woody Eau de Parfum that reveals the charisma of the wearer. “Montblanc for Legend Night.

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