Lil Fleur Eau de Parfum

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Lil Fleur Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by BYREDO. The notes of this fragrance are Saffron, cassis, tangerine, leather, Damascena rose, amber, blonde woods, vanilla

Lil Fleur Eau de Parfum
Lil Fleur Eau de Parfum


With the swirl of emotions that dominate our teenage years- the joys and heartbreaks, the aspirations and fears, it’s no wonder that our memories of those heady times will always be among our most intense and indelible. Lil Fleur is a fragrance dedicated to the complexity of adolescence, a lush and beautiful rose scent perched between innocence and sensuality, with all the occasionally bitter sweetness contained therein.
At the heart of Lil Fleur is a beautiful Damascena Rose, sparkling, crisp, and tantalizingly sweet. Top notes of cassis and tangerine add to the incandescence, while a smooth, mouthwatering note of saffron glows with the warmth of nostalgia. A romantic and gourmand base is composed of creamy vanilla and a sexy, grown-up touch of blonde, ambered woods, marking Lil Fleur with an unpretentious sophistication that makes it the perfect choice for rose lovers of all ages. A true encapsulation of the complicated and beautiful spirit of youth, Lil Fleur is a bright, warm, enchanting gem of a scent.

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Specification: Lil Fleur Eau de Parfum


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