Louis Vuitton Matière Noire Eau de Parfum

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Louis Vuitton Matière Noire Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Oriental Woody Perfume by Louis Vuitton for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier . Top notes are Cassis. Middle notes are Cyclamen, Narcissus, Jasmine, Pink. Base notes are Oud, Patchouli, Incense, Benzoin.

Louis Vuitton Matière Noire Eau de Parfum
Louis Vuitton Matière Noire Eau de Parfum


Louis Vuitton’s journey

Also, among the many species offered by the brand, Matière Noire is the most recent of them. This one saw the light of day in 2016 and appears to be a very contrasting fragrance, located halfway between the mystery of the woods and the beauty of the flowers.

Louis Vuitton’s journey

Louis Vuitton is a designer who always seems to have been guided by an impetus from elsewhere. What is more, it is a travel trunk that first made this brand known. Also, Matière Noire is no exception to the rule and takes us on a new journey. Nevertheless, this one seems to be by far the most exciting of them. Matière Noire is a real exploration, a kind of fantasized journey propelling us into a darkness where everything is to be discovered. Thus, it is a disturbing juice with almost sacred scents. Matière Noire is an intangible and opaque epic. This juice is then located at the border of dreams and dreams. The impossible seems thanks to him to become a tangible reality. To do this, it is sewn with unexpected ingredients. Matière Noire is a particularly surprising fragrance ideally designed to arouse wonder. What’s more, its complexity allows us to always rediscover it a little more as it is used. Matière Noire has a multitude of different smells, so much so that it will undoubtedly take entire years for its consumers to master each aspect.

The absolute and deep harmony of Dark Matter

This metaphorical juice is signed by one of the greatest perfumers on the planet, the master Jacques Cavallier. The latter delivers us here a concentrate of unexpected emotions. In addition, he was born in Grasse, in the cradle of perfumery. So, it’s a bit like smells are part of his DNA. He masters these to perfection and his juices are always sewn with a deep elegance. Thus, Matière Noire dares to display powerful ingredients without them becoming too heady. This fragrance begins with a fruity blend of blackcurrant syrup and aquatic notes. Matière Noire thus immediately displays its dark side, while being fresh and juicy. Then her heart is loaded with flowers. This is where its elegance comes from. In addition, Dark Matter contains cyclamen, narcissus, sambac jasmine and rose. These airy ingredients bring more contrast to this essence which makes it gain in amplitude. It is as if the dark night was suddenly crossed by a luminous comet. At this moment, Matière Noire is enriched with precious woods. It contains patchouli, Laos agarwood, frankincense and benzoin. The whole thing is absolutely disturbing and becomes almost unreal.

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Specification: Louis Vuitton Matière Noire Eau de Parfum


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