Mriga Parfum

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Mriga Parfum is a fragrance by PRIN. The notes of this fragrance are Deer musk accord*, lime, fir balsam, black spruce, grass, cade, oakmoss, oud, vetiver, nagarmotha, rose, sandalwood, jasmine, costus, wormwood, labdanum, peat
*this fragrance contains no animal products


Mriga- from the Sanskrit word for “deer.” Fear not, however, animal lovers, Mriga contains no actual deer musk, but simply an ingenious synthetic deer musk accord, perhaps the most accurate one we’ve ever smelled, able to impressively capture the subtly sweet, powdery, furry aspects of real musk with far more nuance than the average substitute. And Prin Lomros makes the most of this striking accord, supplementing it with an array of florals and resins designed both to evoke the natural Himalayas habitat that such a deer might find himself in, while also drawing out the aphrodisiac elements of deer musk that have brought the material such breathless renown. Lime teases out that ribbon of brightness that so often separates real musk from its imitators, while a root-to-leaf collage of arboreal fragrant materials- fir balsam, spruce, oakmoss, sandalwood- lend a striking natural dimensionality. Invigorating and substantial, Mriga is a dream come true for anyone who would love a true deer musk scent without the ethical dilemma.

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