Ristretto Intense Cafe Extrait de Parfum

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Ristretto Intense Cafe Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Montale. The notes of this fragrance are Italian black coffee, rose water, rosebud, roasted coffee beans, dry wood, vanilla, white musk, sweet toffee, amber

Ristretto Intense Cafe Extrait de Parfum
Ristretto Intense Cafe Extrait de Parfum


For those who appreciate quality over quantity, the ristretto is a mark of culinary character- a short shot of espresso that delivers intense yet smooth flavor in a single sip. With Ristretto Intense Cafe, Montale refines their already beloved combination of robust coffee, lush rose, and warm vanilla with a richer, more concentrated version that pairs multiple facets of rose and coffee alongside a captivating sweet toffee note to increase both teh sophistication and the pure indulgence. Fans of the original will recognize the iconic coffee opening, but as is befitting the Ristretto version, the note is both smoother and darker, combining with a fresh, vegetal rose to produce an unexpectedly dry and refreshing top note. As the coffee softens, the lusher aspects of rose strike a sensuously familiar tone, while a vanillic white musk emerges, slightly sweetening the brew with just a hint of cream and sugar. For lovers of Intense Cafe looking for the next level as well as anyone seeking superb, sophisticated gourmand scents, Ristretto Intense Cafe is a demi-tasse of pure magic.

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Specification: Ristretto Intense Cafe Extrait de Parfum


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