Silences Jacomo Perfume

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Silences Jacomo Perfume is a 1978 Floral Aldehyde Green Perfume by Jacomo for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Gerard Goupy . Top notes are Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Galbanum. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Hyacinth. Base notes are Oak moss, White musks, Iris.

Silences Jacomo Perfume
Silences Jacomo Perfume


Silences by Jacomo, a sweet floral symphony

Success was not long in coming and the store found itself the pillar of the jet set. Building on this success, the two friends embarked on perfumery in 1970 with “Eau Cendrée”. “Silences”, a feminine fragrance, was released shortly after in 1978.

The floral symphony of Silences

In her round black dress, soft and silent as a pebble, the woman appears triumphant. Regarding the composition, Jacomo affirms “The secret is the silences … Silence collects the emotion of bodies like water, some women know that”. The “Silences” fragrance will therefore be that of a discreet, secret woman, a woman who keeps silences within herself. Its mysterious side surprises but inevitably attracts. Her silence is her strength and she reveals an unexpected sensuality. “Silences” is a chic and classic floral symphony with a surprising name. Here, the flowers and green notes are given to their heart’s content. Its name evokes music whose language remains very close to that of a perfume. “Silences” was given a makeover in 2004 and offers new packaging.

The floral notes of Silences

The elegance of women is embodied here by the beauty of the floral notes. “Silences” begins with a citrus freshness with lemon and bergamot. Then comes to be added, the galbanum which offers a whiff of greenery and the orange blossom which illuminates the whole. The heart is ultra feminine, because it is composed of Bulgarian rose, iris, hyacinth and lily of the valley. The trail is extremely sensual thanks to the presence of oak moss, cedar wood, sandalwood and white musks. The bottle is very trendy, design at will. Round, it looks like a pebble, washed up by the waves. Its shine brings elegance and sobriety. Its black color offers a final touch of sophistication, but also evokes the mysterious and silent side of a woman. “Silences” is a sweet symphony that sings in the hearts of all women.

“Silences” resembles a symphony, because the music resembles perfumery. Jacomo’s “Silences” is a rare composition that combines femininity, mystery and sensuality. Here, the floral notes predominate the whole, even if they combine generously with the galbanum and its green accords. The “Silences” woman is a secret, but nevertheless knows how to remain elegant, sensual and attractive.

Released in 1978, “ Silences de Jacomo ”looks like a floral symphony, with a surprising name to say the least. Harmonious and luminous, “Silences de Jacomo” is the fragrance of a triumphant woman. Regarding the composition, Jacomo affirms “The secret is the silences … Silence collects the emotion of bodies like water, some women know that”. The “Silences” fragrance will therefore be that of a discreet, secret woman, a woman who keeps silences within herself. Its mystery also brings an attractive, even irresistible side. It is a composition signed Gérard Goupy.

Silences by Jacomo, a creation signed by the perfumer Gérard Goupy

It’s the perfumer Gérard Goupy that the Jacomo brand has chosen to develop “Silences”. Gérard Goupy is known for his creative sense. He is at the origin of successes such as “Cacharel pour Homme” by Cacharel or “Magie Noire” by Lancôme. Here, Gérard Goupy has decided to embody the beauty of women with floral notes. “Silences” will be revamped in 2014 and now offers a new packaging.

Silences by Jacomo, a unique floral olfactory symphony

Both chic and classic, the floral symphony “Silences” will begin with a citrus freshness with the association of lemon and bergamot and the greenery of galbanum. The heart of “Silences” is ultra feminine and floral. It combines hyacinth, lily of the valley, iris, rose and jasmine. Hyacinth is one of the prettiest bulb flowers. Native to the Middle East, the hyacinth is considered an aquatic plant.

In the 18th century, the hyacinth became the “plant of the rich” and whoever brought one home was congratulated. Yet very fragrant, the hyacinth is a silent flower, that is to say that its aromas cannot be extracted from it. The latter are therefore reproduced in an identical synthetic way. In perfumery, hyacinth gives off tones that are both green, floral and vegetal. As for the lily of the valley, it is the emblem of May 1st. Native to Japan, lily of the valley is found in many temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Its flowers in the shape of small bells are arranged along a single stem. Lily of the valley multiplies easily thanks to its rhizomes called “claws”. In mythology, legend has it that the god Apollo created lily of the valley to offer his 9 barefoot nymphs a soft carpet on which they could finally walk. On May 1, 1560, King Charles IX was offered a sprig of lily of the valley. Really surprised, he decided to offer it the following year to all his subjects in order to bring them happiness…

The legend was born! In perfumery, lily of the valley offers soft, floral, but also green tones. Finally, the background of “Silences” is intended to be sensual. It combines sandalwood, oak moss, white musks and cedarwood. As for the bottle, it is very elegant. Round and black, it looks like a pebble. Shiny and sober, it wonderfully expresses the femininity of the floral composition.

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