The Decay Of The Angel Eau de Parfum

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The Decay Of The Angel Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Timothy Han Edition Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are Mandarin, neroli, rose, ylang-ylang, frankincense, sambac jasmine, acacia, cade, oud, cedarwood, patchouli, tonka, labdanum

The Decay Of The Angel Eau de Parfum
The Decay Of The Angel Eau de Parfum


This is a memorizing, burnt bouquet of exotic flowers inspired by Yukio Mishima’s 1971 posthumously published novel, The Decay of The Angel. Like all of Timothy Han’s creations, the highest level of natural ingredients are used here, and Han’s artistic vision presents a smart, deeply affecting fragrance that walks us through the 5 stages of a falling angel: decay, diaphoresis, dirt, dissatisfaction, and ultimately, darkness.
Han’s olfactive interpretation of an angelic fall starts with mandarin doused rose, ylang, and neroli. The fresh opening is contrasted with a heart of indolic jasmine, ripe and just starting to wilt. Its gloriously smoky base includes crisp frankincense along with smoldering cade, oud and cedar woods.  Patchouli, tonka and labdanum add a dimension of soft earthiness.
A sensual intermingling of hedione and musk float throughout the charred dry-down, contrasting heavenly veneration and human desires. Dazzling, challenging, and alluring, The Decay of The Angel makes a strong argument for the sensual perks of mortality.

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