Wanted Girl By Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum

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Wanted Girl By Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum is a 2021 Chyprée Floral Perfume by Azzaro for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Rum. Middle notes are Queen of the night. Base notes are Patchouli.

Wanted Girl By Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum
Wanted Girl By Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum


Wanted Girl By Night, a new gourmet explosion at Azzaro

This advertisement is that of the saga for Wanted and Wanted Girl perfumes. This famous olfactory collection was initiated in 2016. Since then, it has never ceased to be talked about and to enrich itself with newcomers. Once again, in 2021, a new chapter is being written. This time, the atmosphere is much more nocturnal. Get ready to welcome the most sensual Azzaro woman of all: the one wearing Wanted Girl By Night!

Wanted Girl By Night, the scent of a luminous and incandescent seductress

Wanted Girl By Night by Azzaro is a scent that does not go unnoticed. Whether through its scent, its aura or the design of its bottle, this feminine fragrance radiates and attracts the fire of all desires. Wanted Girl By Night is intended for a woman who is not cold in the eyes, always more greedy, radiant and sensual. Endowed with a disarming magnetism, the one who wears this composition shines, even in the middle of the night. His unique personality disarms more than one. However, it is of course her that all the spotlight is on! Wanted Girl By Night praises us for a freer and more flamboyant femininity than ever. Wanted Girl By Night allows women “to play with fate, to provoke their luck and to stir up desire”.

The greedy and captivating breath of Wanted Girl By Night by Azzaro

Wanted Girl By Night Azzaro is a particularly intoxicating composition. Ideal to whet our appetites, it does not fall into the overbidding of candy. It all starts with a light and greedy cloud of whipped cream. This is associated with a more intoxicating rum accord. Wanted Girl By Night immediately sets the scene and intends to make your head spin! Then, the essential emblem of the Wanted collection of Azzaro appears. The datura flower, also called “queen of the night” displays its floral opulence. Finally, it all ends with a more woody and deep breath of patchouli. This only reinforces the dark and nocturnal side of this composition.

Azzaro’s trigger bottle

Finally, Wanted Girl By Night does not go unnoticed in terms of bottles either. Its bottle is unlike any other, except that of its predecessors. Its shape remains unchanged. As a reminder, this is a glass ball worked according to real goldsmith processes. Here, petals emerge on its walls, seeming to open before our eyes. At its peak, Wanted Girl By Night does not adopt a traditional vaporizer. To get drunk on this scent, all you need to do is pull the trigger! A new purple color is invited this time on this bottle. This immerses us in a more nocturnal and seductive atmosphere. With this new shade, Wanted Girl By Night puts on the card of sensuality and intimacy.

Loris Azzaro used to say: “We are not beautiful by chance. We too often forget that it is the dress that should serve the woman and not the other way around. […] How to imagine a line, a femininity, without exalting it with a perfume? “. Therefore, her perfumes for women never go unnoticed. They appear as a centerpiece to sublimate the femininity and sensuality of those who wear them. This is precisely how the Wanted Girl collection was developed. Once again, it is enriched with a new variation of its scent. More nocturnal and seductive, Azzaro’s creation is called Wanted Girl By Night. So what’s behind this purple bottle with a trigger? Decryption of its composition.

Gourmet and intoxicating top notes

While Wanted Girl began with an explosive, fresh and tangy accord, Wanted Girl By Night immediately focuses on roundness. With him, all is generosity and gluttony. However, this is felt from its top notes. To whet our appetites without tipping over into the candy rush, Wanted Girl By Night relies on a creamy and enveloping whipped cream accord. This ingredient immediately makes our mouth water, while remaining very airy. It goes with a rum accord. Undoubtedly, Wanted Girl By Night intends to make our heads spin and intoxicate us from the first moment. “To provoke one’s luck, to play, to flare up and to try the impossible to succeed. Much more than a seductive attitude: elegance at all times and flamboyance as a lifestyle ”… This is the philosophy of this perfume. Gold,

The datura flower, the queen of Wanted Girl By Night

The heart of this fragrance, on the other hand, remains unchanged. It is essentially the same as that of its predecessors. To intoxicate us with pleasure, Azzaro relies on the datura flower, also nicknamed “flower of the night”. After all, it could not be otherwise in this perfume! Not revealing its fragrance until nightfall, this raw material is as intoxicating as it is heady. It instantly plunges us into a sulfurous cloud, while coating us with its silky petals.

The ultimate woody breath of Azzaro’s Wanted Girl By Night

While her sensuality reaches new heights, Wanted Girl By Night plunges us into a darker and woody register. Its ultimate accord is dominated by the presence of patchouli. Widely used in perfumes, this dark wood gives structure to the whole while giving this juice more persistence. Thanks to him, Wanted Girl By Night preserves excellent tenacity over the hours. The embodiment of a pure and vibrant force, patchouli only reinforces the natural charisma of the woman who wears this perfume.
Wanted Girl By Night is revealed in three successive stages: an accord of rum and whipped cream for the dawn, the delicate “queen of the night” at the zenith, and finally patchouli at dusk.

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