Womanity Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

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Womanity Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler is a 2010 Woody Fruity Gourmand Aquatic Perfume by Thierry Mugler for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin . Top notes are Green note, Lemon, Hazelnut. Middle notes are Marine note, Fig, Solar Notes, Fig tree. Base notes are Amber woods, Patchouli, Vanilla.

Womanity Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler
Womanity Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler


Womanity’s sweet and savory notes

With “Womanity”, Thierry Mugler wished to draw the portrait of a mosaic woman, for whom the choice of a perfume would reveal the deep knowledge of oneself …

Womanity’s sweet and savory notes

About Womanity, Thierry Mugler affirms “It is a musical perfume which plays its notes on the emotions of the one who wears it”. Its composition is unique because, for the first time, it incorporates a sweet-salty note. “Womanity” begins with a sensual flight thanks to ripe, juicy and sweet, delicately milky fig. Then, the disturbing tone of caviar makes its entrance. Biting and overwhelming, the caviar notes here offer their animal aspect. The wood of the elegant fig leaf is added, bringing its green and sensual woody accord. Everything is worked here to address a mosaic of women… Intuition, naturalness, creativity, sharing, fantasy… These are the words that define “Womanity”. You should know that there is a foundation that bears the name of Womanity. Created in 2005,

Womanity’s breathtaking bottle

The name “Womanity” was chosen by Thierry Mugler because it is the association of the word “woman” and “humanity”. Like Thierry Mugler perfumes, “Womanity” does not lack boldness or character. Fabrice Pellegrin and Karine Dubreuil are the talented perfumers responsible for the creation of “Womanity”. They imagined the contrast between a sweet note, in this case the sugar of the fig, and a very luxurious salty note, the caviar. As for the bottle, it looks like a real sculpture. Slender, with an oval base, it recalls an engraved totem on a pink background. At the top of the bottle, there is a platinum-coated zamak frieze. This represents the oracle of the sphinx with the bow face. The ring matching this oracle evokes the circle that unites all the women of the world. A chain connects the ring and the frieze as if to accentuate the link,

Shock creator, Thierry Mugler is known for his exaggerated creations and his provocative style. Her first gourmet fragrance “Angel” was a great innovation in the world of beauty. For the composition of “Womanity”, the perfumers have associated a salty note with a sweet note. “Womanity” is the scent of feminine solidarity. The bottle filled with symbols also connects women around the world.

How can we forget the fabulous success of Angel, father of all gourmet perfumes, who launched Mugler perfumes in the firmament of the stars of perfumery? Since 1992, the beautiful star of Mugler has only enchanted us with its scents and the beautiful successors follow one another, without equaling its success. With Womanity in 2010, Mugler tries to recreate the event of original olfactory discoveries and offers us, as if to better surprise us, sweet and savory accords of flawless originality …

Womanity, the perfume with a thousand faces Mugler, hidden “son” of Angel?

Angel, the perfume we love or the perfume we hate, is considered one of the bestsellers in modern perfumery. Arrived in 1992, it was composed as a major work of perfume to be as representative as possible of one of the giants of haute-couture, Thierry Mugler. However, if its success is no longer to be denied, opinions concerning this very first gourmet perfume have never ceased to be divided. Which seems to be, paradoxically, one of the sources of its immense success.

Based on this observation, the Thierry Mugler perfumery worked on an innovative project: Womanity. The goal of this composition is not to please everyone but rather to create the event around a fragrance that we call “polarizing”, a fragrance subject to controversy in short , like Poison in his days. And the least we can say is that the work for Womanity of the two great perfumers, Fabrice Pellegrin and Karine Dubreuil, is totally consistent with the desired effect: Womanity is unlike any other perfume!

The uniqueness of Womanity lies mainly in these sweet and savory accords but also in a good number of technological innovations used in the processing of raw materials. Indeed, perfumers have used remarkable molecular extraction methods in order to considerably reduce the barriers between scents and tastes. Thus Womanity’s fig and caviar seem “natural”, as if you could put them in your mouth. This important work of olfactory techniques around Womanity has also been rewarded with the 2010 Perfume Prize from the Fragrance Foundation.

The unique sweet and savory notes of Womanity by Thierry Mugler < / h2>

As we have said, the creation of Womanity represents a considerable amount of research work for its two perfumers. Quite simply because Thierry Mugler wanted a different and original perfume that would represent all the facets of women around the world. Thus, the chosen raw materials have been assembled in order to create an obvious contrast between the greedy warmth of the sweet and the taste force of the salty.

Womanity opens with relatively classic citrus and green freshness, apart from the appearance of a woody nutty note. It is in the heart of this fragrant plural woman that the contrasts will be strongest. The solar notes confront the iodine notes (the famous caviar note) and the country fig carries these contrary winds in its path to take them towards the woods. Indeed, amber notes, patchoulis and vanilla will complete this most original walk by curling up in leaves and fig wood with a milky scent.

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