Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Do Anything Eau de Parfum

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Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Do Anything Eau de Parfum is a 2018 Oriental Fougere Perfume by Zadig & Voltaire for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Quentin Bisch . Top notes are Pear, Orange Blossom, Bergamot. Middle notes are Tonka bean. Base notes are Vanilla, Musk, Ambroxan.

Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Do Anything Eau de Parfum
Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Do Anything Eau de Parfum


Girls Can Do Anthing, the fragrance for women

The French brand has established itself in the same way in the field of perfumery with its couples perfumes This is Her and This is Him or even Just Rock For Her and Just Rock for Him. In 2018, no couple but an ode to femininity assumed with Girls Can Do Anything.

Dare to adventure and challenge with Girls Can Do Anything

At the birth of the perfumed project Girls Can do Anything, a spring-summer 2018 t-shirt that has become iconic with its positive message, its panache and its “girl power” strength remixed to the 2018 trend. Such a success could not go unnoticed and Zadig & amp; Voltaire had the idea of ​​making it a perfume in order to reinforce this strong identity carried by the T-shirt.

Grils Can Do Anything will therefore position itself very differently from the brand other fragrances, forgetting the duo of men’s / women’s fragrances to focus only on the ladies, well rather on modern, ambitious and daring young women. Girls Can Do Anything carries with it above all the message of a new uninhibited and self-confident femininity who does not hesitate to go ahead to get what she wants.

“With Girls Can Do Anything, I just wanted to confirm what we already knew. That doesn’t make me a feminist. It is true that we can do anything and that we must continue to believe in it. It is a positive message for all women and girls. »Cecilia Bönström, Zadig & amp; Voltaire artistic director for Girls can do Anything.

Girls Can Do anything or the feminine fougère fragrance

If the composition of Girls Can Do Anything is surprising, its bottle in the shape of a bottle of dewy water is at least as much. Cecilia Bönström explains that she found inspiration for this new bottle of Can Girls Can do Anything by seeking to shape a very feminine object but an everyday object, in the middle of a meeting the water bottle was a revelation for the bottle of the new perfume.

Girls Can Do Anything is also and above all a revelation in terms of accords thanks to the perfumer Quentin Bisch who dared to use the traditionally masculine fern accord by feminizing it with solar flowers and gourmet notes.

Girls Can Do Anything opens with surprising notes of bergamot, pear and orange blossom. But the heart is the one that will surprise us the most with a tonka bean that plays both on the gourmet facets of the top notes and on the woody facets of the depths. This sensual link between femininity and masculinity will be the perfect thread of the powerful and usually masculine notes of musk, vanilla and ambroxan.

Girls Can Do Anything, the new feminine fern from Zadig & amp; Voltaire

Zadig & amp; Voltaire is renowned for its relaxed but elegant creations, aimed at a young, urban and trendy audience. For a few years now, her clothes have been accompanied by perfumes, always avant-garde and not hesitating to thwart established codes. Recently, Zadig & amp; Voltaire also presented us with a brand new manifesto of freedom called Girls Can Do Anything, intended for adventurous, athletic and daring women. Presented in a fairly refined bottle, this juice is very original in terms of scents.

Zadig & amp; Voltaire opts for a fern

Girls Can Do Anything is an atypical and cheeky fragrance, which does not hesitate to go against the grain of trends. Thus, he reappropriates the scent of a fern, an olfactory category usually reserved for men. For the record, the name fougère comes from the Fougère Royale d´Houbigant fragrance and designates all the juices made according to a precise pattern: a lavender head, a floral heart of geranium, and a base of coumarin and oakmoss. This scent is reminiscent of a hygiene product or a typically masculine shaving foam. Yet with Girls Can Do Anything, Zadig & amp; Voltaire did not hesitate to make it a typically feminine work.

The other ingredients of Girls Can Do Anything

To highlight this perfume, the house of Zadig & amp; Voltaire has chosen to bet on a very fruity start. Thus, Girls Can Do Anything combines the green and juicy breath of pear with that of bergamot. This citrus fruit from lemon and sour orange gives it a bitter and tangy sweetness. Then, the orange blossom enters the scene and illuminates the whole with its solar and Mediterranean aura. Girls Can Do Anything contains a smoother core. The tonka bean reveals the image of a tender and delicate femininity. What’s more, the vanilla only accentuates this effect. Warm and sweet, it opens the way to seduction. Girls Can Do Anything continues with an animal breath of musk. Finally, this juice ends with the presence of ambroxan, a velvety molecule known for its tenacity. Finally, Girls Can Do Anything evokes the scent of flesh-to-skin flesh.

A creation by Quentin Bisch

To make this perfume, Zadig & amp; Voltaire called on the perfumer Quentin Bisch. With an excellent olfactory memory, the latter has devoted a real passion to perfumery since he was barely 11 years old. After having studied in the most prestigious schools in this field, he has already worked for the biggest luxury brands. Quentin Bisch is used to masculine essences synonymous with freedom, as can also be seen in Nomade juices by Chloé or Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler.

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