Boucheron fragrance Quatre Intense

Boucheron fragrance Quatre Intense
Boucheron fragrance Quatre Intense

Boucheron is a brand that moved in 1893 to 26, place Vendôme, in the heart of Paris. Moreover, it is the first jeweler to have settled in the heart of this now legendary place. It has therefore been more than 150 years that the generations follow one another in order to perpetuate the unparalleled know-how of Frédéric Boucheron, founder of the brand . Also, today is a new page of this exceptional house that is being written. This time, however, it is an olfactory set declined on the basis of a famous ring of the brand. Quatre Intense is then described as a gourmet, floral and particularly fruity fragrance.

Boucheron’s jewel bottle

Before even telling you about this Quatre fragrance, let’s start by underlining that Boucheron is not a perfume brand like the others. Indeed, the brand could not bring itself to keep its fragrances locked in bottles similar to those of other houses. Thus, Quatre Intense is contained in a true work of art. Its bottle is cut from a heavy and massive glass corresponding to its prestigious image and making it a truly exceptional object. This one is tinted in a most luxurious gold color. What is more, and this is where its greatest originality lies, the whole is topped with the famous Quatre ring of the house as a cabochon. As its name suggests, it comes around four rings to form a fairly massive and bulky art object.

This forms two golden rings symbolizing the love of two beings. The second ring of this ring, meanwhile, is made from the Clous de Paris motif, very inspired by the cobblestones of Parisian streets. The whole is then illuminated by a diamond ring in their paved version, engraved using the “mirror setting” technique characteristic of Boucheron. Finally, it all ends with a Gros Grain motif considered to be a true masterpiece of goldsmithing. In addition, as if that were not enough to sublimate this exceptional bottle, it is still sculpted at its base using the Double Godrons motif. The whole is exquisitely beautiful and perfectly symbolizes all the know-how of this exceptional brand.

The very feminine scent of Quatre Intense

In addition, Quatre Intense also displays a very elegant scent. Its flight begins with a very energizing sensation emanating from tangerine. This brings a fruity and radiant touch to this perfume. What is more, it is associated with the zesty and light scents of bigarade orange, otherwise known as bitter orange. The strawberry, for its part, further enhances this whole with its fruity vitality, while the currant brings a very invigorating aspect to this start. Then, Quatre Intense evolves towards a more opulent heart. This one displays a warm, rich and sweet scent of jasmine combined with the delicacy of heliotrope. Finally, Quatre Intense ends with more woody tones enhancing the sophistication of the whole and giving it more warmth and character.

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