Jaïpur Barcelet or Boucheron’s love for India

Jaïpur Barcelet or Boucheron's love for India
Jaïpur Barcelet or Boucheron’s love for India

Jaïpur Barcelet is an essence made of tradition. Indeed, Boucheron was inspired by an ancestral practice in order to create a perfume, if its original version from 1994 is no longer marketed, Jaïpur Barcelet is now available in multiple variations.

Boucheron pays tribute to the traditions of yesteryear

The Jaïpur Barcelet fragrance is a nod to Nauratan. This exotic name may not ring a bell. In fact, it comes from Rajasthan. Indeed, in this country, it is the bracelet that is traditionally offered to newlyweds to bring them good luck. This is then adorned with nine stones. Each of them is associated with a planet. Also, this perfume is the image of Louis Boucheron’s love for India. He has always been fascinated by this country. During his life he went there many times. Moreover, his many travel diaries are now preciously preserved. Also, Jaïpur Barcelet is a kind of link between India and Europe, the past and the present. In this case, it is a sparkling fragrance filled with joy.

The exotic scent of Jaïpur Barcelet

The first version of Jaïpur Barcelet was developed by perfumers Sofia Grojsman and Jean-Pierre Mary. It was then an oriental, floral and fruity fragrance. However, this version has not been marketed since 2011. However, its variations are still relevant today. In this case, men have an adaptation . This is presented as a subtle balance between strength, serenity and vitality. Likewise, on the women’s side, since 2012, Boucheron has been selling the new Jaïpur Barcelet Bracelet. This is a floral and woody scent filled with femininity and freshness.

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