Just Rock For Him, the new rebellious fragrance from Zadig & Voltaire

Just Rock For Him, the new rebellious fragrance from Zadig & Voltaire
Just Rock For Him, the new rebellious fragrance from Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is a brand which is celebrating 20 years of creation this year. Nevertheless, Zadig & Voltaire is above all specialized in the world of fashion. It was not until 2009 that it decided to launch into perfumery. She first marketed a unisex fragrance called Tome 1. Then, in 2016, Zadig & Voltaire developed a duo of perfumes made up of This is Her and This is Him. Well, these are precisely two successors to this first couple that Zadig & Voltaire has decided to present to us this year. Focus on the male version of this new duo: the new Just Rock For Him.

The amber and exuberant flavor of Just Rock For Him

Just Rock For Him is a scent that is both sassy and offbeat but majestically dosed. This is the work of two well-known perfumers from the house of Zadig & Voltaire. Just Rock For Him was made by Nathalie Lorson and Aurélien Guichard, two designers who have already helped create the previous This is Him. Together, they chose to reveal the rebellious and sassy character of the Just Rock For Him man while retaining subtle undertones. The recipe for this perfume remains relatively short. The idea is not to do too much but rather to go to the essentials to obtain a more impactful fragrance. Just Rock For Him is based on an amber breath. In its natural state, amber constitutes the resin of a tree, initially liquid, which crystallizes in the air by oxidation.

However, in perfumery, amber does not designate this material. When we speak of an amber accord, it is rather a combination of balsamic notes. Here, Just Rock For Him contains a blend of vanilla, patchouli and spices. Spices affirm the cheeky and warm character of the Zadig & Voltaire man. Patchouli, meanwhile, delivers more complexity here. It is at the same time earthy, woody and camphorated, giving a little chypre side to the whole. The vanilla softens everything and gives it a syrupy breath. Finally, for more virility, woody notes finish off sublimating the composition of Just Rock For Him.

The return of the famous Zadig & Voltaire bottle

On the aesthetic side, Just Rock For Him is contained in a bottle which in many ways recalls the visual aspect of This is Him . This is enclosed in a thick rectangular block of glass. Its solid base is particularly masculine. Its completely opaque black lacquering, meanwhile, fits perfectly with the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the whole. Everything is very contemporary, both sober and refined. On the other hand, if the major part of its faces are completely smooth, its left side, meanwhile, is cut irregularly, as if broken on the rock. Only his writing of the past has swapped its white hue for a golden hue. This makes it look even more chic than before.

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