Mandarin Fraiche: the power of citrus fruits in a Reminiscence fragrance

Mandarin Fraiche: the power of citrus fruits in a Reminiscence fragrance
Mandarin Fraiche: the power of citrus fruits in a Reminiscence fragrance

Fresh Mandarin, citrus fruits come to Réminiscence

Since its creation in the 1970s, the Réminiscence house has been synonymous with joie de vivre, travel and exoticism. Indeed, each of the essences that make up its catalog has the gift of taking us to the other side of the world. Very often, it is a question of journeys to distant and tropical lands… However, in 2020, it would seem that the atmosphere is quite different. Réminiscence is now setting down its luggage in the heart of the Mediterranean, in a huge citrus field. Between tangy freshness and aromatic breath, the Mandarine Fraiche fragrance is very pleasant for hot summer days.

Mandarin Fraiche, citrus fruit as a common thread

Mandarine Fraiche is a perfume almost conceived as a soliflore, that is to say, articulated around a single ingredient. Indeed, as its name suggests, the mandarin occupies a prominent place here. Moreover, this citrus fruit appears from its top notes. However, to sublimate it and give it more richness, Réminiscence incorporates other ingredients into its recipe. Mandarin dominates but other elements follow one another to embellish it. At first, its tangy delicacy is nuanced by a more incisive and bitter freshness of lime. The liveliness and thrill of citrus, on the other hand, is counterbalanced by the more incandescent heat of pink pepper. Then, this spice is relayed by an aromatic heart, as if coming straight from the Mediterranean. There, lemon verbena is illuminated with white tea, for a more vegetal and racy look. At its base, the Mandarine Fraiche de Réminiscence fragrance radiates white musk, releasing behind it an intense sensation of purity. The iris, in turn, affirms the nobility of the whole, revealing in its footsteps a very elegant powdery breath. As a reminder, like each of the Reminiscence Classics, Mandarine Fraiche is a juice intended for both men and women.

Mandarine Fraiche, a Classic fragrance of Reminiscence

Mandarine Fraiche is not the only fragrance of its kind to be featured in the Réminiscence catalog. Indeed, the sign is used to this type of composition. It all began in 1970 with the creation of Patchouli, a true icon of Reminiscence, highlighting, as its name suggests, the powerful scent of patchouli. Then, it was not until the early 2000s to see the appearance of other soliflores such as Vanilla or Tonka Bean. All these perfumes have in common the fact that they want to raise a particular raw material to the rank of star in perfumery. Here, the Mandarin Fraiche is the first to dare a citrus breath.
Like all Classic Reminiscence fragrances, Mandarine Fraichecomes in a glass bottle devoid of any superfluous. Here it is a thick transparent rectangle. Without any color, the bottle of Mandarine Fraiche goes straight to the point. At its top, a glass cube covers its vaporizer. Only a gray label bearing his name is present on its surface. Completely timeless and unisex, this perfume already promises to cross the ages!

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