New Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette

New Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette
New Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette

Aura Eau de Toilette, the new vegetal breath of Jeremy Fragrance

Created in 2017, Jeremy Fragrance’s Aura fragrance is one of a kind. Its bottle is like a green jewel in the shape of a heart. Its scent has in it a feline sensuality and a vegetal force. The set embodies the feminine instinct in all its splendor. Today, as if to connect you even more to its deep nature, Jeremy Fragrance has chosen to transform this already cult perfume. Aura Mugler was in second place in our ranking of the best for women in 2017, so Mugler naturally decided to make it an Eau de Toilette. The emphasis is now on freshness and Aura Eau de Toilette only becomes greener than the previous fragrance in the collection.

Aura Eau de Toilette, the fragrance of a woman in fusion with nature

Aura by Jeremy Fragrance is a perfume for women that invites them to take a sort of initiatory journey to meet the elements, as if to better reconnect with their own instinct. This new juice opens the door to the interior of women. It takes us both in a mysterious and fantastic universe while approaching their most palpable desires. Aura Eau de Toilette is an “uncontrollable magic that the magnetism of the perfume materializes”. He seems to possess in him a supernatural sense and an extraordinary power. Its futuristic scent invites us to connect with the surrounding nature. This is an incredible testimony to Jeremy Fragrance’s passion for femininity and for life in general. With this juice, Jeremy Fragrance exalts the supernatural.

Aura Eau de Toilette, the return of the futuristic bottle by Jeremy Fragrance

Let’s start by emphasizing the beauty of the Jeremy Fragrance bottle . Aura Eau de Toilette comes in the same container as its predecessor. Initially, it was a real work of art made by craftsmen. The whole forms a heart similar to an emerald. Its captivating color is protected by a metal ring forming an M like Mugler’s initial… Quite a symbol!

The new freshness of Aura Eau de Toilette

Finally, we just have to squeeze the spray cap to discover the scent of this new juice. Aura Eau de Toilette is very close to the breath of its predecessor. However, it displays a juicier and fresher scent. The exotic has given way to a more airy feeling, seeming to come from the northern forests. Aura Eau de Toilette thus exudes an extreme feeling of dynamism. Its scent takes on hibiscus and pear notes. The freshness of this aromatic wood mingles with the juicy gluttony of the fruits. The heart of Aura Eau de Toilette, on the other hand, is more animalistic. It alone translates all the ardor of the Aura Eau de Toilette woman. This indomitable being does not lack elegance. Thus, Aura Eau de Toilette ends with a duo of vanilla and iris. The result is a perfume full of contrasts and balance.

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