New from Dior: Micro Rose Dior Prestige Oil

New from Dior: Micro Rose Dior Prestige Oil
New from Dior: Micro Rose Dior Prestige Oil

The Dior Prestige range is enriched with Micro Rose Oil

The Dior Prestige range is one of the most renowned of the Dior house in terms of preserving the beauty of the epidermis. It highlights the extraordinary power of Grandville rose and uses its moisturizing and regenerating action to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. Thus, Dior Prestige intends to help you fight against the visible signs of aging . Today, this collection of high-end cosmetics is growing and welcomes Micro Rose Oil. Its unique texture melts under your fingers and promises to smooth your skin, making it more plump, more harmonious and radiating light.

The Dior rose at the heart of the Dior Prestige range

As its name suggests, Micro Rose Oil is a rose-based product. Yes, but not just any… It is a flower specially cultivated in the heart of the Dior gardens. The Grandville rose blooms in the Loire Valley. Its terroir has been rigorously selected for the purity of its soil and its mineral wealth. Thus, the Dior rose draws the best of nature and thrives in a favorable environment. All she has to do then is let Dior’s scientific know-how speak to deliver all its benefits to the skin. A true treasure of nature, Rose Dior offers your skin a multitude of essential micro nutrients.

The benefits of Dior Prestige Micro Rose Oil

Dior Prestige Rose Micro Oil is a nutritious treatment that brings exceptional energy to the epidermis. This revolutionary product contains more than 20 micro nutrients essential for the strength, youth and radiance of the skin. Dior Prestige Rose Micro Oil also contains minerals, trace elements, vitamin E and omega 3. Its texture, for its part, brings together a multitude of microbeads. Together, these 10,000 small rose pearls act as a serum.

They release an extraordinary nutritional richness on the epidermis. Thus, your face is immediately sublimated. Similarly, Micro Rose Oil also delivers, as its name suggests, the comfort of an oil. Thanks to this product, the skin immediately looks younger. 100% of customers who have tested this product say they are satisfied with its effectiveness. They all confirm that they have firmer, smoother and more energetic skin. Dior Prestige Rose Micro Oil increases the luminosity of the epidermis, nourishes the skin and reduces signs of fatigue.

Dior Prestige: Our advice for applying Micro Rose Oil

Dior Prestige Rose Micro Oil is applied daily to cleansed skin. It is spread over the face just before your daily treatment, in order to amplify its effectiveness. It is not strictly speaking a day cream but a powerful serum that complements the effectiveness of your usual products. To use it, all you need to do is place a small amount in the palm of your hand and spread it from the center of your face towards its outlines.

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