Reminiscent Marshmallow: Sweet childhood memories

Reminiscent Marshmallow: Sweet childhood memories
Reminiscent Marshmallow: Sweet childhood memories

Reminiscence is not only the perfume house that gave birth to the fabulous Patchouli, it is also a perfume house (and jewelry) where the memory of pretty things endures. The candies and barley sugars of yesteryear are therefore reborn in 2008 under the skillful hands of Zoé Coste and her daughter Lilla Amaddeo to better enchant us with their addictive scents. Of course, with Marshmallow, the Orient is never far away, neither is the flower

Marshmallow and Notes Gourmandes de Réminiscence: a signature with four hands …

After making the magnificent Les Classiques collection shine in the firmament of these perfumes that never die, the talented designer of Réminiscence Zoé Coste teamed up hand in hand with her daughter to create a new collection of scents composed like melodies of happiness: The Gourmet Notes.

First called in homage to the music that has rocked the creators since their earliest childhood, Mi Fa later became Marshmallow. Perhaps a more explicit baptismal name intended for those who would like to enter the greedy and carnal universe of the two funny ladies of Reminiscence? Anyway, the new composition of this mother-daughter shock duo accompanied by the scent magician Jacques Flori has everything to seduce this female audience in search of their precious memories of sweets, as a daring and flowery femininity!

“Like the Madeleine de Proust, Réminiscence is once again opening the book of our childhood to directly address our senses and tell us delicious scented stories. An olfactory journey where tenderness and joy transport us. Reminiscent of Marshmallow.

Luminous, vaporous and fresh, Marshmallow presents itself as a scented candy which not only does not grow in excess but on the contrary blends into a sensuality worthy of a “reminiscade”.

Marshmallow or the sweet Orient of Reminiscence

Clearly the bottle of Marshmallow is an ode to childish femininity , or even to femininity itself. A true trendy object that acclimates to the very “girl” boudoir style, the candy pink bottle of Marshmallow is adorned with baroque inscriptions and a crystal cabochon to evoke a Marie-Antoinette style that is both very retro and very contemporary.

Surprisingly, it is the mandarins and oranges that open the symphony of the scents of this pretty Marshmallow. Mint and Rosemary add a tonic aromatic touch to these tangy top notes. Then, in the heart, the orange blossom brings its dazzling flowery light to come and shine our nostrils with its opulent and exotic scents. Finally we find in the depths of Marshmallow, the typical signature of a Reminiscence fragrance: sandalwood, patchouli wood, cedarwood, amber and tonka bean bring their woody sensualities to this sweet tonic. Vanilla and white musks come to coat everything in their sweetness.

“Childish and mischievous notes, gourmet rhyme with the taste of bursts of laughter… Accord built around marshmallow and orange blossom, a soft, suave and exquisite delight. Reminiscent of Marshmallow.

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