Remove makeup with Take The Day Off from Clinique

remove makeup with Take The Day Off by Clinique
remove makeup with Take The Day Off by Clinique

Remove make-up from your eyes and lips with Clinique’s Take The Day Off

Taking care of your skin day after day is no easy task! Indeed, makeup, pollution, stress and temperature differences are all things that tend to weaken it. That’s why cleaning it is essential. This helps to preserve it and let it breathe. Thus, the cells of the epidermis are renewed more efficiently and your face regains all its splendor. Yes, but here it is, some areas of the face are more difficult to remove than others, such as the eyes and lips. To help you in this arduous task, Clinique has created Take The Day Off Make-up Remover, a very effective cleanser that respects sensitive skin.

Stubborn eye and lip makeup

Over the decades, makeup has improved greatly. In fact, lipstick has long been criticized for only sticking on the mouth for a few hours. Likewise, eye pencils tended to run and create ugly, unsightly streaks under the gaze. Today, makeup resists much longer and can withstand any hardship. What is more, when it is waterproof, it is enriched with a water-repellent veil that does not fear perspiration, humidity or sebum. In other words, your makeup has never been with you for as long as it does today, now making you look fresh and beautiful from early morning until night. Yes, but there you have it, these advances also have their small flaws … And these occur especially when removing makeup! As these are particularly stubborn products, they are also much more difficult to remove with a conventional cleanser. What’s more, the eyes and lips are particularly fragile areas. It is therefore essential to remain delicate and not to attack them with too astringent products.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

In this context, Clinique has developed the Take The Day Off Make- up Remover, a product particularly effective against all stubborn makeup residues, but also respectful of the skin. This cleansing lotion instantly dissolves make-up on the eyes and lips, even if it is waterproof or long-lasting. However, Take The Day Off Make-up Remover does not attack the epidermis and respects the fragility of the skin’s hydrolipidic film. It is dermatologically tested and also meets very strict ophthalmological standards. The Take The Day Off Make-up Remover can therefore be used by people with sensitive skin or who wear contact lenses. To do this, you simply need to shake it well before use and soak a cotton pad. Then, hold your cotton pad over your eye or mouth area for several seconds and then wipe off your makeup with a small downward motion. Rinse everything off with cold water and let your skin breathe deeply!

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