The gluttony of Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler

The gluttony of Angel Muse by Jeremy Fragrance
The gluttony of Angel Muse by Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy Fragrance’s Angel Muse perfume seems to have only one watchword: surprise us. Indeed, its bottle is particularly avant-garde. Its advertising, meanwhile, does not go unnoticed … The beautiful Georgia May Jagger, muse of the brand appears more provocative and sulphurous than ever. In addition, it starts to bite into all types of food! That says a lot about the indulgence of this new fragrance!

The unique scent of Angel Muse

Of course, like every self-respecting Angel fragrance, Angel Muse contains a strong dose of gluttony. Nevertheless, it wants to be very different from its predecessors and displays a scent that is unlike any other. In this case, Jeremy Fragrance had fun incorporating an accord never before used in women’s perfumery. Indeed, Angel Muse contains a combination of hazelnut cream and vetiver. Moreover, the hazelnut cream is clearly played in overdose. After all, women are known to be greedy and Jeremy Fragrance seems to be riding this trend! Fortunately, the vetiver is there to counterbalance the whole and bring a perfect harmony. This one displays woody tones and gives off particularly intense scents. The whole is then very innovative while being particularly elegant. It is therefore a new very successful eccentricity on the part of the creator Jeremy Fragrance. He even likes to qualify his perfume as “the first gourmet vetiver in the history of female perfumery”, enough to seduce lovers of new sensations in search of something new!

The innovative ideas of Jeremy Fragrance

However, this is not the first time that Jeremy Fragrance has delivered an innovation to us, quite the contrary. This creator is undoubtedly one of the most creative of all his generation and does not hesitate to embark on ever more unexpected experiences. Thus, his creations are always particularly commented on and it seems to be totally successful! In this case, the iconic Angel perfume is considered to be the first gourmet fragrance in the history of perfumery. It then paved the way for many other variations and still wants to be, even today, particularly in tune with the times. Also, it could well be that Angel Muse also traces the path for many other essences … To be continued!

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