The intense composition of Male Essence de Parfum

A new Le Male bottle for its Essence
A new Le Male bottle for its Essence

The Male Essence de Perfume, the new oriental fern by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Since the acquisition of the Jean-Paul Gaultier license by the Puig group, it seems that the brand has changed its strategy. Indeed, Jean-Paul Gaultier is refocusing particularly on his two star fragrances, namely Le Mâle for men and Le Classique for women. This is how a brand new fragrance for men was born: Le Mâle Essence de Parfum . The latter appears to be a dusted version of its predecessor, particularly virile, fresh and modern.

Jean-Paul Gaultier calls on perfumer Quentin Bisch

In order to reinterpret Francis Kurkdjian’s iconic Le Mâle fragrance, Jean-Paul Gaultier collaborated with the nose Quentin Bisch. He has never been particularly fond of chemistry. On the other hand, he has always devoted a very particular passion to smells and proves to be a very creative character. Moreover, before becoming a perfumer, he was a professional in the entertainment world and more particularly in the theater. Also, it is all his love for scents combined with his creativity that we find in the fragrance of the new Male Essence de Parfum.

The invigorating and masculine scent of Male Essence de Parfum

The Male Essence de Parfum begins with a scentfrom India called cardamom. This ingredient is a seed contained in the capsule of a fruit and giving an essence with a spicy, woody, camphoric and aldehyde scent. The many facets of this raw material are further enlivened by the presence of citrus fruits. Le Mâle Essence de Parfum is thus off to a very dynamic start. Then, it is an emblematic ingredient of the entire Le Mâle saga by Jean-Paul Gaultier that makes its appearance. Lavender comes into play and unquestionably recalls the aromatic scent of barber soap from yesteryear. It is accompanied by a very seductive aspect linked to the animal nature of leather. Finally, it is a more atypical ingredient that sublimates the base of this fragrance. It is the costus, a plant native to China and India delivering an animal note, deaf and dusty. All this reveals a scent that is both very daring but very evocative of its predecessor. The Male Essence de Parfum thus seems to have been perfectly reinvented.

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